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Keynote Diane Mayer, Professor of Teacher Education

Retention and success in early career teaching:
A situated perspective on learning teaching and doing teaching

Diane Mayer, Professor of Teacher Education, University of Oxford, and Professorial Fellow, Harris Manchester College

The high attrition rate of new teachers is an ongoing concern in many countries. For example, in Australia, England, Sweden and the USA, data show that between 30–50% of new teachers leave teaching within the first five years. Research into why they are leaving suggests workload pressures, government policy and lack of support from leadership as contributing factors. Moreover, early career teachers feel they are spending less time than they would like on teaching and learning in their classrooms, a situation that does not allow them to establish a professional persona that reflects their motivations for entering the profession. In addition, and possibly relatedly, they report significantly lower levels of self-efficacy than experienced teachers.

Government responses include trying to reduce teachers’ administrative loads and implementing measures intended to develop teaching competence. This usually means designing and delivering professional development programs for new teachers to develop their teaching skills and classroom management strategies. However, I argue for a shift from thinking about what can be done for (and to) early career teachers to thinking more about early career teachers’ professional learning within the context of their schools. Drawing on the large-scale and longitudinal ‘Studying the Effectiveness of Teacher Education’ (SETE) project in Australia, I argue that a situated perspective of collaboratively ‘learning teaching’ while at the same time ‘doing teaching’ establishes individual teacher ownership as well as a collective and shared sense of purpose that not only improves teaching effectiveness but also enhances their commitment to their work.

Diane Mayer is Professor of Teacher Education at the University of Oxford. Prior to joining Oxford, she was Professor of Education and Dean at The University of Sydney. She has also held positions at the University of California at Berkeley and at Victoria University, Deakin University and The University of Queensland in Australia. Diane’s research and scholarship focuses on teacher education and early career teaching, examining issues associated with the policy and practice of teachers’ work and teacher education. She has won more than AUD$4.3m and almost USD$2m in research funding. She was PI on the large-scale, longitudinal, Australian Research Council funded project Studying the Effectiveness of Teacher Education and the related Australian Government funded project Longitudinal Teacher Education and Workforce Study. Diane is senior editor of the Routledge journal, Teaching Education, and executive editor of Teachers and Teaching: Theory and Practice.


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